Yusuke Higuchi

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Small-molecule stabilization of protein-protein interactions is an emerging field in chemical biology. We show how fusicoccanes, originally identified as fungal toxins acting on plants, promote the interaction of 14-3-3 proteins with the human potassium channel TASK-3 and present a semisynthetic fusicoccane derivative (FC-THF) that targets the 14-3-3(More)
Despite their high degree of identity and even higher homology, the two Kat3 transcriptional coactivators, CBP and p300, have distinct functions, particularly within the Wnt/β-catenin signaling cascade. ICG-001, by directly binding to CBP but not p300, inhibits CBP/β-catenin transcription and has served as an invaluable chemical genomic tool to dissect the(More)
The biosynthetic gene cluster of brassicicene C was identified in Alternaria brassicicola strain ATCC 96836 from genome database search. In vivo and in vitro study clearly revealed the function of Orf8 and Orf6 as a fusicoccadiene synthase and methyltransferase, respectively. The understanding toward the biosynthetic pathway promises construction of this(More)
Many clinically useful pharmaceuticals are semi-synthesized from natural products produced by actinobacteria and fungi. The synthetic protocols usually contain many complicated reaction steps and thereby result in low yields and high costs. It is therefore important to breed microorganisms that produce a compound most suitable for chemical synthesis. For a(More)
We previously revealed that Orf8 and Orf6, which were identified in the brassicicene C biosynthetic gene cluster in Alternaria brassicicola strain ATCC96836, were fusicoccadiene (FD) synthase and 16-O-methyltransferase, respectively. In the present Letter, the early biosynthetic steps after the formation of FD were investigated. Plasmids carrying the FD(More)
Fusicoccin A and cotylenin A are structurally related diterpene glucosides and show a phytohormone-like activity. However, only cotylenin A induces the differentiation of human myeloid leukemia cells. Since the cotylenin A producer lost its ability to proliferate during preservation, a study on the relationship between structure and activity was carried out(More)
Small-molecule modulation of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) is one of the most promising new areas in drug discovery. In the vast majority of cases only inhibition or disruption of PPIs is realized, whereas the complementary strategy of targeted stabilization of PPIs is clearly under-represented. Here, we report the example of a semi-synthetic natural(More)
The treatment of pancreatic cancer, one of the most aggressive gastrointestinal tract malignancies, with current chemotherapeutic drugs has had limited success due to its chemoresistance and poor prognosis. Therefore, the development of new drugs or effective combination therapies is urgently needed. Cotylenin A (CN-A) (a plant growth regulator) is a potent(More)