Yusuke Goutsu

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Gesture recognition is used for many practical applications such as human-robot interaction, medical rehabilitation and sign language. In this paper, we apply a hybrid generative-discriminative approach by using the Fisher Vector to improve the recognition performance. The strategy is to merge the generative approach of Hidden Markov Model dealing with(More)
We propose a skeleton-based motion recognition system focusing on local parts of the human body closely related to a target motion. In this system, a skeleton feature is composed of a sequence of relative positions between paired joints calculated by Inverse Kinematics. Several joints of skeleton model are connected as a Local Skeleton Feature. The temporal(More)
Motion recognition is an essential technology for social robots in various environments such as homes, offices and shopping center, where the robots are expected to understand human behavior and interact with them. In this paper, we present a system composed of three models: motion language model, natural language model and integration inference model, and(More)
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