Yusuke Fukushima

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In male rats challenged with the environmental estrogen bisphenol A, the compound is highly glucuronidated in the liver and is excreted largely into the bile. Given that in pregnancy the microsomal glucuronidation toward bisphenol A is attenuated, we hypothesized that elimination of bisphenol A from the liver may be reduced in pregnancy. This study was(More)
Constructing 2D mesh topology network on chips (NoCs) without using virtual channels becomes attractive approach to building future massive multi-core computer systems because of its large amount of bandwidths, less design complexity, and less space consumption of routers. Deadlock problem on NoC is critical because it makes data transmission between nodes(More)
This paper addresses the NP-complete problem of reconfiguring two-dimensional degradable processor arrays under the row and column rerouting constraint. One promising approach to this problem is to treat the reconfiguration problem as a combinatorial optimization problem of finding the set of rerouting rules for all rows/columns and employ a genetic(More)
BACKGROUND Although drug-eluting stents (DES) have considerably reduced the incidence of in-stent restenosis, late and very late stent thrombosis (ST) after DES implantation have emerged as major safety concerns. We morphologically investigated the age of DES thrombi aspirated during percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) from patients with either late or(More)
Throughout 6 months of blind user's touch panel usage interview, there were many problems of touch panel's audio assistant. The participant strongly demanded to improve the low accuracy and the slow software keyboard typing, and the poor understanding of the shape of the picture. She was also interested in recognizing the 3D shapes. Thus, we developed a(More)
This paper studies human movement of both mobility and visually impaired people using mobile sensing devices as the first step toward creating an accessible information base. Nine mobility impaired persons conduct an experiment of wheelchair moving, and the visualized sensing results mapped on Googlemap is compared with their subjective feelings. Also, one(More)