Yusuke Fukazawa

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We study the case of integrating situational reasoning into a mobile service recommendation system. Since mobile Inter-net services are rapidly proliferating, finding and using appropriate services requires profound service descriptions. As a consequence, for average mobile users it is nowadays virtually impossible to find the most appropriate service among(More)
Mobile devices are becoming more and more difficult to use due to the sheer number of functions now supported. In this paper, we propose a menu customization system that ranks functions so as to make interesting functions, both frequently used functions and rarely used functions, easy to access. Concretely, we define the features of phone functions by(More)
We have been developing a task-based service navigation system that offers to the user for his selected services relevant to the task the user wants to perform. We observed that the tasks likely to be performed in a given situation depend on the user's role such as businessman or father. To further our research, we constructed a role-ontology and utilized(More)
—In this paper, an algorithm that acquires the intermediate goals between the initial and goal states is proposed for an agent executing multiple tasks. We demonstrate the algorithm in the problem of rearranging multiple objects. The result shows that the moving distance to transfer the entire objects to their goal configuration is 1/15 of that without(More)