Yusuke Fujii

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—Graphics processing units (GPUs) embrace many-core compute devices where massively parallel compute threads are offloaded from CPUs. This heterogeneous nature of GPU computing raises non-trivial data transfer problems especially against latency-critical real-time systems. However even the basic characteristics of data transfers associated with GPU(More)
Chloroplasts change their intracellular distribution in response to light intensity. CHUP1 (CHLOROPLAST UNUSUAL POSITIONING1) is indispensable for this response in Arabidopsis thaliana. However, involvement of CHUP1 in light-induced chloroplast movement is unknown in other plants. In this study, CHUP1 orthologues were isolated from a moss, Physcomitrella(More)
Recent graphics processing units (GPUs) integrate wimpy microcontrollers on a chip. They are often used to execute firmware code configuring the functional units of GPUs. This paper opens up the programming of these microcontrollers and explores how to utilize them for GPU resource management. Our prototype system provides a compiler suite for NVIDIA's GPU(More)
Graphics processing units (GPUs) are increasingly used for high-performance computing. Programming frameworks for general-purpose computing on GPUs (GPGPU), such as CUDA and OpenCL, are also maturing. Driving this trend is the recent proliferation of mobile devices such as smartphones and wearable computers. These devices are increasingly incorporating(More)
BACKGROUND Unnecessary intra-abdominal drain insertion must be avoided, but little is known about the value of prophylactic drainage following laparoscopic distal gastrectomy (LDG). In this study, we investigated the significance of prophylactic drain placement after LDG for gastric cancer. METHODS Seventy-eight consecutive patients with gastric cancer(More)
The human ether-a-go-go-related gene (HERG) potassium current (IHERG) has been shown to decrease in amplitude following stimulation with Gq protein-coupled receptors (GqRs), such as α1-adrenergic and M1-muscarinic receptors (α1R and M1R, respectively), at least partly via the reduction of membrane phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate (PI(4,5)P2). The(More)
In this study, we aim to develop a narrow-diameter and long-bore device for minimally invasive surgery that achieves the simultaneous cutting and suction of body tissue such as the diseased part of an organ. In this paper, we propose a screw made of a thin metal plate, and we developed a prototype device using this screw. For smooth operation, the suction(More)
— This paper discusses a vibration suppression control method for a space robot with a rigid manipulator and flexible appendage. A suitable dynamic model that considers the coupling between the manipulator and flexible appendage was developed for the controller to accomplish the vibration suppression control of the flexible appendage. The flexible appendage(More)