Yusuke Doyama

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We have developed a novel automultiscopic display, CAGRA (Computer-Aided Graphical Real-world Avatar), which can provide full parallax both horizontally and vertically without imposing any other additional equipment such as goggles on users. CAGRA adopts two axes of rotation so that it can distribute reflected light all around. In our previous work, it was(More)
In recent years, most of traditional artisanship is declining because of aging skilled artisan and fewer successors. Therefore, methods for digital archiving of such traditional artisanship are needed. We have constructed a wearable skill-training interface that displays egocentric visual and audio information and muscle activities of an artisan. We used(More)
Methods for the archiving and transferring of traditional artisanship are needed, now that most of these skills are on the verge of extinction because of aging skilled craftspeople and few successors. With the aim of developing a novel digital archiving and skill-transferring system, we carried out an analysis and visualization of skills on a traditional(More)
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