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BACKGROUND Both computational and experimental approaches have been used to determine the minimal gene set required to sustain a bacterial cell. Such studies have provided clues to the minimal cellular-function set needed for life. We evaluate a minimal cellular-function set directly, instead of a geneset. RESULTS We estimated the essentialities of KEGG(More)
For the analysis of spatio-temporal dynamics, various automated processing methods have been developed for nuclei segmentation. These methods tend to be complex for segmentation of images with crowded nuclei, preventing the simple reapplication of the methods to other problems. Thus, it is useful to evaluate the ability of simple methods to segment images(More)
In this paper we propose a novel worm detection method that can detect silent worms in intranet. Most existing detection methods use aggressive activities of worms as a clue for detection and are ineffective against worms that propagate silently using a list of vulnerable hosts. To detect such worms, we propose anomaly connection tree method (ACTM). ACTM(More)
– Neural sensorimotor systems have unavoidable delay in the processing. In this paper, we investigate the influence of the delay on control performance in numerical experiment with simple networks. Obtained results suggest not only the fact that the delay degrades control performance of reflex motion in proportion to the amount of the delay, but also the(More)
One of the problems with mobile networks is the lack of security information of the networks. Different from organization and home networks, the security measures and conditions of mobile networks are usually unknown to the end users. As a result, users may enter a mobile network filled with attacks without any prior protection and suffer serious damages.(More)
Developing novel methods for metal-induced switching of peptide structures expands the design principles of functional biomolecules and biomaterials. Here, a simple method for on-resin synthesis of dipicolylamine (Dpa)-containing peptides was developed. Whereas addition of divalent metal ions such as Fe(ii) and Cu(ii) to a peptide bearing a pair of Dpa(More)
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