Yusuke Asada

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This paper presents a low offset voltage, low noise dynamic latched comparator using a self-calibrating technique. The new calibration technique does not require any amplifiers for the offset voltage cancellation and quiescent current. It achieves low offset voltage of 1.69 mV at 1 sigma in low power consumption, while 13.7 mV is measured without(More)
Among the medaka fishes of the genus Oryzias, most species have homomorphic sex chromosomes, while some species, such as Oryzias hubbsi and Oryzias javanicus, have heteromorphic ZW sex chromosomes. In this study, a novel family of repetitive sequence was molecularly cloned from O. hubbsi and characterized by chromosome in situ and filter hybridization,(More)
Altered sensory experience in early life often leads to remarkable adaptations so that humans and animals can make the best use of the available information in a particular environment. By restricting visual input to a limited range of orientations in young animals, this investigation shows that stimulus selectivity, e.g., the sharpness of tuning of single(More)
Tissue response to preformed tricalcium phosphate (TCP) blocks prepared from alpha-tricalcium phosphate (alpha-TCP) powder by hydration and hardening at 80 degrees C was studied by implanting them subperiosteally on the buccal aspect of the mandible in rabbits. X-ray diffraction of the alpha-TCP powder showed a typical pattern of TCP, whereas a mixed(More)
This study was undertaken to clarify the morphological features in the blood capillary and elastic fibre distribution of the human skin in terms of susceptibility to pressure sore development. Skin tissues were obtained from bony areas: the sacrum and ischial tuberosity and non-bony area: the centre of the gluteus maximus of 5 aged subjects post mortem for(More)
This paper describes a flash ADC using interpolation (IP) and cyclic background self-calibrating techniques. The proposed IP technique that is cascade of capacitor IP and gate IP with dynamic double-tail latched comparator reduces non-linearity, power consumption, and occupied area. The cyclic background self-calibrating technique periodically suppresses(More)
The efficacy of using gelatin as an adherent of particulate hydroxylapitite was studied by implanting preformed blocks of a hydroxylapatite-gelatin mixture subperiosteally on the buccal aspect of the mandible in rabbits. The rabbits were killed at 1, 2, 4, 12, and 24 weeks after implantation. After radiographic examination, excised specimens were(More)
We evaluated pelvic shape as a predictor of the surgical outcome of anterior resection in patients with rectal cancer. In total, 228 patients who had undergone anterior resection (R0 resection and double-stapling anastomosis) for rectal cancer from 2005 to 2014 were included in this study. The anteroposterior (AP) and transverse (T) diameters of the pelvic(More)
A 6-bit, 7 mW, 700 MS/s subranging ADC using Capacitive DAC (CDAC) and gate-weighted interpolation fabricated in 90 nm CMOS technology is demonstrated. CDACs are used as a reference selection circuit instead of resistive DACs (RDAC) for reducing settling time and power dissipation. A gate-weighted interpolation scheme is also incorporated to the(More)