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— With the increasing number of computers being connected to the Internet, security of an information system has never been more urgent. Because no system can be absolutely secure, the timely and accurate detection of intrusions is necessary. This is the reason of an entire area of research, called Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). Anomaly systems detect(More)
Keywords: Quality of service Differentiated services Traffic marker Fairness paItswTCM a b s t r a c t The rise in demand for real-time applications on the Internet necessitates Quality of Service (QoS). Differentiated Services (DiffServ) is one of the technologies used currently to provide QoS and service differentiation. It is simple and scalable. It(More)
Host mobility protocols such as Locator-Identifier Separation Protocol Mobile Node (LISP-MN) are known to experience packet loss at the point of handover. For the duration of the handover, packets sent to the MN via the old access link are dropped by the router since it has no way of knowing where the device has moved to. This affects the performance of(More)
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