Yusuf Murat Erten

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A new understanding of product complexity is described as a determinant of software development time. A complexity estimation method for software is proposed taking different factors into consideration. Grey measurement technique is used for complexity estimation and complexity measurements of five software products are presented. The results of these(More)
In the presence of malicious nodes, one of the main challenges in MANETs is to design a novel, scalable and robust Geographic Multicast Protocol (RSGM) that can protect MANETs from various routing attacks. The vulnerabilities in the RSGM protocol were explored and various attacks like blackhole, wormhole and flooding attack are simulated. Several virtual(More)
MANET is the self-configuring type of network in which the mobile nodes can leave or join the network when they want. MANET is decentralized type of network, no central controller is present. Due to their unique features mobile ad hoc networks can be deployed anywhere round the clock. This posed the remedial venture to large number of attacks like replay(More)
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