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INTRODUCTION We investigated prognostic parameters of patients who underwent surgical intervention for acute mesenteric ischemia by evaluating demographic characteristics and laboratory data on admission. METHODS The hospital records of 30 patients who underwent surgical interventions due to acute mesenteric ischemia between January 2008 and December(More)
Domain ontologies are important information sources for knowledge-based systems. Yet, building domain ontologies from scratch is known to be a very labor-intensive process. In this study, we present our semi-automatic approach to building an ontology for the domain of wind energy which is an important type of renewable energy with a growing share in(More)
INTRODUCTION Gastric volvulus is a rare surgical emergency with a high mortality rate that requires urgent surgical management. PRESENTATION OF CASE A 19-year-old male and 51-year-old female patient underwent emergency surgery with a prediagnosis of acute abdomen syndrome, and a 60-year-old female patient underwent elective surgery due to diaphragmatic(More)
In flora of Turkey, there are six species of Carthamus L: Carthamus dentatus (Forssk.) Vahl., C. glaucus M. Bieb. subsp. glaucus, C. lanatus L., C. tenuis (Boiss. & Blanche) Bornm., C. persicus Desf. ex Willd. and C. tinctorius L. Within these species, C. tinctorius L. is an alien species for the Turkish flora. The pollen grains belonging to six taxa(More)
In the present study, we used 39 plant samples representing six Carthamus taxa collected from different regions of Turkey: 11 of C. dentatus, 5 of C. glaucus, 18 of C. lanatus, 3 of C. persicus, 1 of C. tenuis subsp. tenuis and 1 of C. tenuis subsp. gracillimus. On these samples, we screened nine ISSR markers for polymorphic products. We generated 151(More)
Security of the energy supply is an important topic in energy field. It has two parts which are supply and demand. To ensure that demand is met, the supply at the specific time points has to be known or predicted. Supply is predicted by use of seasonal, yearly and regional information. The stream-flow dataset resolution is monthly and it supplies the yearly(More)
Integration of the wind power into the existing transmission grid is an important issue due to discontinuous and volatile behavior of wind. Moreover, the power plant owners need reliable information about day-ahead power production for market operations. Therefore, wind power forecasting approaches have been gaining importance in renewable energy research(More)
Sliding hernias are those in which part of the sac wall is formed by a retroperitoneal organ and/or its mesentery protruding outside the abdominal wall cavity. The hernia sac may contain jejunum, ileum, vermiform appendix, Meckel's diverticulum, stomach, ovary, fallopian tube or urinary bladder. Our report features an adult case with cryptorchidism in which(More)
PURPOSE In this study, we investigated whether there is a factor that can aid determi nation of the preferred technique by comparing the early and late results of two different surgical techniques for the treatment of pilonidal sinus. METHODS The medical records of 176 patients in whom the Limberg flap (LF) or V-Y flap techniques were applied for(More)
INTRODUCTION A strangulated inguinal hernia is a common indication for emergency surgery. In comparison, complete testicular feminization is a rare genetic disease that can present with an inguinal hernia because of ectopically positioned testicles. PRESENTATION OF CASE A 70-year-old female was admitted to the emergency service complaining of a painful(More)
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