Yustinus Eko Soelistio

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version of the paper. The final version is published in the proceedings of the 7th ICTS ABSTRACT Text mining can be applied to many fields. One of the application is using text mining in digital newspaper to do politic sentiment analysis. In this paper sentiment analysis is applied to get information from digital news articles about its positive or negative(More)
—Warehouse is one of the important aspects of a company. Therefore, it is necessary to improve Warehouse Management System (WMS) to have a simple function that can determine the layout of the storage goods. In this paper we propose an improved warehouse layout method based on ant colony algorithm and backtracking algorithm. The method works on two steps.(More)
The ability to automatically detect eye center locations in video images allows for estimating gaze direction. This, in turn, facilitates the study of human-computer interaction and behavioral analyses of social interactions. We propose an improved eye center localization method based on the Hough transform, called Circle-based Eye Center Localization(More)
Traffic Jam has been a daily problem for people in Jakarta which is one of the busiest city in Indonesia up until now. Even though the official government has tried to reduce the impact of traffic issues by developing a new public transportation which takes up a lot of resources and time, it failed to diminish the problem. The actual concern to this problem(More)
Volunteer computing has been known as an alternative solution to solve complex problems. It is acknowledged for its simplicity and its ability to work on multiple operating systems. Nonetheless, setting up a server for volunteer computing can be time consuming and relatively complex to be implemented. This paper offer a model which can ease the effort of(More)
This paper describes a Naive Bayesian predictive model for 2016 U.S. Presidential Election based on Twitter data. We use 33,708 tweets gathered since December 16, 2015 until February 29, 2016. We propose a simple way for data preprocessing which can still achieve 95.8% accuracy on predicting sentiments. The predicted sentiments are used to forecast the U.S.(More)
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