Yusrina Yusof

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As the memory enters submicron technology, new test algorithm that will be able to give a better fault coverage such as to detect all intra-word coupling fault (CF) has been widely developed. In order to implement this algorithm to the memory, test technique such as BIST is utilized. Common types of memory built-in-self test (MBIST); microcode-based MBIST(More)
Memory Built-in Self Test (MBIST) is the popular approach to test embedded memories. There are two types of MBIST controllers; the state-machine based and the microcode-based where the microcode-based controllers are commonly designed as programmable memory BIST (PMBIST). Most microcode-based P-MBISTs [2, 5] employ one instruction per MARCH operation.(More)
Microcode-based and FSM-based controllers are two widely known architectures used for programmable memory built-in self test. These techniques are popular because of their flexibility of programming new test algorithms. In this paper, the architectures for both controllers are designed to implement a new test algorithm MARCH SAM that gives a better fault(More)
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