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As IT Outsourcing (ITO) grows in complexity, there is a call for effective management of ITO relationship to reduce risks. ITO relationship receives a lot of attention from researchers recently. Many studies, however, are conceptual or hyphotesis-testing in nature. In addition, no one study focuses on full and comprehensive ITO decisions and implementations(More)
Decision support systems (DSS) can be helpful tools in university’s planning and management. Decision support systems can contribute to efficient exchange of information between experts, stakeholders, decision makers and laypeople. However, intelligent Information technology (IT) governance decision support system for public universities is yet to be(More)
Over the past decades the field of education has witnessed the introduction of Internet, a new and revolutionary technology that seems to radically alter the way humans teach and learn. Offering thin client solution for Orang Asli provides opportunities for the team to undertake human-computer interaction related studies. Thin client is an effective and(More)
As Malaysia is moving towards k-economy and developed nation by 2020, there is a need for all its citizens to participate in this socio-economic development. Orang Asli often have been cited as introverts and lag behind compared to other races in Malaysia. Literatures indicate a few researches have been studied involving the Orang Asli but a dearth is found(More)
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