Yushi Yang

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Micromechanical resonators are promising replacements for quartz crystals for timing and frequency references owing to potential for compactness, integrability with CMOS fabrication processes, low cost, and low power consumption. To be used in high performance reference application, resonators should obtain a high quality factor. The limit of the quality(More)
(b) Figure 2. 45° SEM images of an encapsulated device free from etch perforations, from (a) the top side and (b) the underside. Figure 1. Process for releasing large device areas without etch holes and controlling the doping concentration via epitaxial deposition, with epi-seal encapsulation. ABSTRACT A process is presented for the fabrication of high(More)
This paper reports the use of movable electrodes that can be electrostatically pulled in to achieve narrow gaps beyond lithography / etch capabilities. Width-extensional resonators with frequencies of 50 MHz and quality factors of 150k are demonstrated with such movable electrodes to have a significantly lower motional impedances when pull-in occurs.(More)
Interruptions occur frequently in healthcare work systems. Hands-free Communication Devices (HCDs) were implemented in healthcare work systems to support the interruption process. However, from a sociotechnical systems perspective, HCDs may introduce new complications and unintended consequences to the work system. Research gaps exist in investigating the(More)
BACKGROUND Eye-tracking technology has been used to measure human cognitive processes and has the potential to improve the usability of health information technology (HIT). However, it is still unclear how the eye-tracking method can be integrated with other traditional usability methodologies to achieve its full potential. OBJECTIVE The objective of this(More)
In this paper, we present measurements of the nonlinear amplitude-frequency (A-f) coefficients for three types of bulk-mode silicon MEMS resonators with different doping type and concentration. Our experimental results clearly show a strong dependence of the nonlinearity character on the orientation, doping level, and vibrational mode shape. These results(More)
This research defines a 'Social Reader' aimed to help reading by dyslexia patients. Social Reader is capable of creating a socialized reading environment, where individuals with dyslexia can seek help from volunteers and other readers while reading e-Books, papers, and novels. The help can include an explanation of an equation, a page, or a whole chapter.(More)
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