Yushi Nishimura

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The GestureCam is a remote-controlled actuator onto which a small camera and laser pointer are mounted. The term "GestureCam System" includes other user interfaces which control the GestureCam, such as the master actuator and the touch-sensitive CRT. We expect the system to act as the surrogate of a remote person. In order to clarify advantages and problems(More)
The growth of Pseudomonas denitrificans ATCC 13867 under denitrifying conditions was significantly stimulated by adding an appropriate amount of formate (2.5 mM or above) to the growth medium. The accumulation of nitrite in the culture was markedly depressed so long as formate remained in the culture above a certain level. Cellular activities of enzymes(More)
Macroscopic unique self-assembled structures are produced via double-stranded DNA formation (hybridization) as a specific binding essential in biological systems. However, a large amount of complementary DNA molecules are usually required to form an optically observable structure via natural hybridization, and the detection of small amounts of DNA less than(More)
A photothermal film (PTF) with densely assembled gold nanoparticle-fixed beads on a polymer substrate is fabricated. Remarkably, a temperature rise higher than 40 °C is achieved in the PTF with only 100 seconds of artificial solar irradiation, and the output power of the thermoelectric device was enhanced to be one order higher than that without PTF. These(More)
In this paper, the collaboration in the real three-dimensional environment is defined as spatial workspace collaboration, and an experimental system, GestureCam, is presented which supports spatial workspace collaboration via a video-mediated communication. The GestureCam system has an ability to look around a remote site, an ability of remote pointing, and(More)
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