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Diaporthe species are important pathogens of a wide range of hosts including many economically important crops. Diaporthe citri is generally accepted to cause melanose of Citrus fruits, leaves and shoots; stem-end rot of fruits and gummosis of perennial branches. In this study, 147 strains of Diaporthe were isolated from diseased leaves, twigs, fruits and(More)
Phytopathogenic species of Diaporthe are associated with melanose, stem-end rot and gummosis diseases of Citrus. However, little is known about the occurrence of species of Diaporthe as endophytes and saprobes. In this study, we obtained 58 strains of Diaporthe, including 44 endophytic isolates from cultivated Citrus in China. The nuclear ribosomal internal(More)
Alternaria alternata sensu lato, casual agent of citrus brown spot, first identified in Yunnan province in 2010 and subsequently found in Zhejiang, Hunan, Guangdong provinces, Chongqing municipality andGuangxi autonomous region in China. During 2010-2012, 86 isolates were collected from diseased citrus, of which 85 % isolates were pathogenic to Ponkan(More)
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