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Current methods of administering busulfan to remove the endogenous germ cells cause hematopoietic toxicity, require special instruments and a narrow transplantation time. We use a direct testicular injection of busulfan method for preparing recipients for SSC transplantation. Male ICR mice (recipients) were divided into four groups, and two experimental(More)
In recent years, CuZr-based bulk metallic glass (BMG) composites ductilized by a shape memory B2 CuZr phase have attracted great attention owing to their outstanding mechanical properties. However, the B2 CuZr phase for most CuZr-based glass-forming compositions is only stable at very high temperatures, leading to the uncontrollable formation of B2 crystals(More)
Antimony (Sb) can pose great risks to the environment in mining and smelting areas. The migration of Sb in contaminated mine soil was studied using lysimeter experiments. The exchangeable concentration of soil Sb decreased with artificial leaching. The concentrations of Sb retained in the subsoil layers (5-25cm deep) were the highest for Isohumosol and(More)
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