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The simultaneous realization of nanoscale field localization and low transmission loss remains one of the major challenges in nanophotonics. Metal nanowire waveguides can fulfill this goal to a certain extent by confining light within subwavelength space, yet their optical performances are still restricted by the tradeoff between confinement and loss, which(More)
We report the realization of low-loss optical waveguiding at telecommunication wavelength by exploiting the hybridization of photonic modes guided by coupled all-dielectric nanowires and plasmon waves at planar metal-dielectric interfaces. The characteristics of the hybrid plasmon polaritons, which are yielded by the coupling between two types of guided(More)
The emerging development of the hybrid plasmonic waveguide has recently received significant attention owing to its remarkable capability of enabling subwavelength field confinement and great transmission distance. Here we report a guiding approach that integrates hybrid plasmon polariton with dielectric-loaded plasmonic waveguiding. By introducing a(More)
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