Yusen Zhang

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Determination of sequence similarity is one of the major steps in computational phylogenetic studies. As we know, during evolutionary history, not only DNA mutations for individual nucleotide but also subsequent rearrangements occurred. It has been one of major tasks of computational biologists to develop novel mathematical descriptors for similarity(More)
Gene selection is important for cancer classification based on gene expression data, because of high dimensionality and small sample size. In this paper, we present a new gene selection method based on clustering, in which dissimilarity measures are obtained through kernel functions. It searches for best weights of genes iteratively at the same time to(More)
As the fundamental unit of eukaryotic chromatin structure, nucleosome plays critical roles in gene expression and regulation by controlling physical access to transcription factors. In this paper, based on the geometrically transformed Tsallis entropy and two index-vectors, a valid nucleosome positioning information model is developed to describe the(More)
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