Yusei Nishimoto

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This paper presents a new hand motion assist robot for rehabilitation therapy. The robot is an exoskeleton with 18 DOFs and a self-motion control, which allows the impaired hand of a patient to be driven by his or her healthy hand on the opposite side. To provide such potential that the impaired hand is able to recover its ability to the level of a(More)
This paper presents a virtual reality-enhanced hand rehabilitation support system with a symmetric master-slave motion assistant for independent rehabilitation therapies. This system consists of a hand exoskeleton device and a lateral symmetric master-slave motion assistant system joined with a virtual reality (VR) environment. Since most disabilities(More)
This paper presents a hand rehabilitation support system for self-performing rehabilitation therapies. The developed system consists of hand exoskeleton device, which provides individual finger joint motion for disabled persons, and a lateral symmetric master-slave motion assistant system joined with virtual reality (VR) environment. Most of disability(More)
In this paper, a new type of finger rehabilitation system with multi-fingered haptic interface controlled by surface electromyogram (sEMG) is proposed. We have developed the multi-fingered haptic interface robot: HIRO III, which can give 3-directional forces to 5 fingertips. This robot also can be use as compact rehabilitation device that can give the(More)
The lack of caretakers for senior citizens and physically handicapped persons in our country has now become critical, and has created a great need for caretaker robots. The usual caretaker robots (many of which have switches or joysticks for their interfaces), however, are neither easy to use nor very popular. Haptic devices offer human-machine interfaces(More)
Digital broadcasting has already been operational in Japan for years. All content and copyrights are protected by conditional access system (CAS). The next new services will be launched in 2007. This is broadcasting based on home servers. Broadcasting of digital content requires access to be controlled. A Secure File System (SFS) was developed to control(More)
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