Yusaku Takita

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SF(6) was selectively hydrolyzed to SO(3) over rare earth (RE) phosphates above 800 K. CePO(4) was the most active catalyst, followed by GdPO(4), YbPO(4), DyPO(4), ErPO(4), SmPO(4), PrPO(4), TbPO(4), NdPO(4), and LaPO(4). The middle RE phosphates were found to be more active than the light RE phosphates, but the reason for the high activity of CePO(4),(More)
Fuel cells convert chemical energy directly into electrical energy at high efficiencies, and contribute to solving problems that arise from the limited supply of fossil fuels. However, innovations in both fuel-cell catalyst materials and fuel-cell engineering, including the reforming process of hydrocarbons, are needed to allow this technology to compete(More)
In our previous study, we found that Ti(OH)(4) exhibited fluoride ion exchange properties. In order to improve the ion exchange capacity, mesoporous Ti oxohydroxide (TiOx(OH)y) had been prepared by using dodecylamine as template. Zirconia and silica had been introduced into the mesoporous Ti oxohydroxide to enhance the ion exchange capacity. The mesoporous(More)
In polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC) systems, small amounts of ammonia (NH3 ) present in the reformate gas deactivate the supported ruthenium catalysts used for preferential oxidation (PROX) of carbon monoxide (CO). In this study, we investigated how the addition of a small amount of platinum to a Ru/α-Al2 O3 catalyst (Pt/Ru=1:9 w/w) affected the(More)
Hydrogen storage into multi-walled carbon nanotubes obtained by the decomposition of hydrocarbons using Ni-Li/SiO2 was investigated. The optimized reaction conditions for the synthesis of carbon nanotubes were 873K and W/F=40 g-cat.h/mol, and carbon nanotubes obtained by C2H6 decomposition were found to exhibit fairly large H2 storage capacity of 1 wt% at(More)
Oxide ion conductivity in La(2)GeO(5)-based oxide was investigated and it was found that La-deficient La(2)GeO(5) exhibits oxide ion conductivity over a wide range of oxygen partial pressure. The crystal structure of La(2)GeO(5) was estimated to be monoclinic with P2(1)/c space group. Conductivity increased with increasing the amount of La deficiency and(More)
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