Yusaku Takeda

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The dynamic characteristics of human upper extremities are usually expressed by mechanical impedance. Although many studies have discussed human impedance characteristics, there are no reports on control abilities of task-related impedance in skilled human hand movements. This paper proposes a virtual sports system using a virtual reality technique to(More)
Using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), differences in the excitability changes of motor evoked potentials (MEPs) between isometric (force task) and isotonic (movement task) muscle contractions in a distal (first dorsal interosseous; FDI) and a proximal (middle deltoid; MD) muscle were studied. In the FDI muscle, the active threshold of MEP(More)
The present study investigated the relative contribution of the cortical and spinal mechanisms for post-exercise excitability changes in human motoneurons. Seven healthy right-handed adults with no known neuromuscular disabilities performed an isometric voluntary wrist flexion at submaximum continuous exertion. After the subjects continued muscle(More)
The goal of this study was to investigate how corticospinal tract neurons (CTNs) are modulated after repetitive dynamic muscle contractions. To address this question, changes of motor evoked potentials (MEPs) to transcranial magnetic stimulation and background EMG (B.EMG) activities were examined. Subjects were instructed to perform an isometric dynamic(More)
A human can control dynamic properties of his/her own body naturally and effectively according to tasks by utilizing the perceived information of environmental characteristics. If dynamic properties of human movements depending on environmental characteristics can be described quantitatively, there would be expected to design and develop a novel(More)
The importance of developing a driving seat effective for reducing neck injuries has been increased to produce a safer automobile against car accidents in recent years. However, there does not exist an efficient methodology to develop such an innovative driving seat with consideration of dynamic characteristics of a human body as well as the interactions(More)
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