Yusaku Ohama

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Microtubules in typical cells form radial arrays with their plus-ends pointing toward the cell periphery. In contrast, microtubules in dendrites of neurons are free from centrosomes and have a unique arrangement in which about half have a polarity with a minus-end distal orientation. Mechanisms for generation and maintenance of the microtubule arrangement(More)
Lymphocytes from heterozygous rabbits suppressed for an allotypic determinant on kappa light chains by exposure to maternally derived antibodies specific for the paternal gene product were analyzed for their capacity to express membrane-bound and secreted immunoglobulin (Ig). Individual cells displaying allotypic membrane Ig (mIg) were enumerated by a(More)
Regulation of immunoglobulin synthesis and secretion was analyzed by exposing spleen cells of b4b4 rabbits to anti-b4 for 24 hr in culture. As noted previously, no lymphocytes with membrane-bound b4 were found immediately after pulse treatment, but substantial regeneration of membrane Ig (mIg) occurred on further culture in antibody-free medium. Splenocytes(More)
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