Yusaku Iwata

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The ABCD3TA is a 128-channel ASIC with binary architecture for the readout of silicon strip particle detectors in the Semiconductor Tracker of the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The chip comprises fast front-end and amplitude discriminator circuits using bipolar devices, a binary pipeline for first level trigger latency, a second level(More)
This paper describes the AC-coupled, single-sided, p-in-n silicon microstrip sensors used in the Semiconductor Tracker (SCT) of the ATLAS experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The sensor requirements, specifications and designs are discussed, together with the qualification and quality assurance procedures adopted for their production. The(More)
Decomposition hazards of hydroxylamine (HA)/water solution with and without the addition of iron ion were studied in this paper. Tests were conducted to obtain information about decomposition hazards of HA/water solution following the United Nations recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods. When the heat accumulation storage test was conducted(More)
To investigate the cause of an explosion during disposal processing of raw garbage, the property of the raw garbage was primarily examined by a thermo gravimetry-differential thermal analyzer. With mutable oil concentration, the results showed variable onset temperatures of the exothermal reaction for the samples, for example, decreasing from 150 degrees C(More)
Y. Unno a , H. Kitabayashi b , B. Dick g , T. Dubbs j , A. Grillo j , M. Ikeda b , Y. Iwata b , S. Kashigin j , E. Kitayama h , W. Kroeger j , T. Kohriki a , T. Kondo a , G. Moorhead g , D. Morgan k , I. Nakano h , T. Ohmoto b , T. Ohsugi b , P.W. Phillips i , J. Richardson 1, f 1 , W. Rowe j , H.F.-W. Sadrozinski j , K. Sato b , J. Siegrist e , E. Spencer(More)
Various types of large area silicon microstrip detectors were fabricated for development of radiation-tolerant detectors operational in the LHC ATLAS SCT. The detectors were irradiated with 12-GeV protons at KEK to fluences of 1.7×10 and 4.2×10 protons/cm. Irradiated samples include n-on-n detectors with 4 kΩ cm bulk resistivity and p-on-n detectors with 1(More)
As a part of the quality assurance procedure of the ATLAS SCT (Semiconductor Tracker) barrel modules, the response of the microstrip detector is measured by injecting focused Nd:YAG laser at each strip. The test is sensitive to sensor originated problems and a cross check to the results obtained from the electrical tests performed with the test pulse system(More)