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A potentially important new drug for treating type 2 diabetes, tagatose, is now in phase 3 clinical trial. The history, development, additional health benefits, mechanisms of action and the potential for the drug are presented in context with a review of the rapidly growing epidemic of type 2 diabetes and treatments for it. An epimer of fructose, the(More)
͑Xavier Univ.͒ were involved in research during the summer of 1995, with support from an REU grant to the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Students involved in accelerator-based laboratory astrophysics were: undergraduate Nilkath Smrdelj and graduate students The 1200ϫ800-pixel CCD camera system that was received from Wright Instruments Ltd. in November(More)
Dental plaque develops when early bacterial colonizers adhere to the acquired pellicle (saliva-derived proteinous coating on the tooth surface) followed by adhesion of late interspecies colonizers to form this type of biofilm (coaggregation). In developing a d-tagatose-based toothpaste, we examined 15 oral isolates, including both early colonizers(More)
  • Y Lu
  • 2001
Most toothpastes contain either d-sorbitol or glycerin, or both, as humectants. Both compounds are about half as sweet as sucrose. This level of sweetness is not as intense as desired by most people when brushing teeth. Therefore, many brands of toothpaste add saccharin, a high-intensity sweetener, to increase product sweetness to acceptable levels. While(More)
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