Yury V. Kuzmichev

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Natural killer (NK) cells are classically viewed as effector cells that kill virus-infected and neoplastic cells, but recent studies have identified a rare mucosal NK- cell subpopulation secreting the TH17 cytokine IL-22. Here, we report identification of 2 distinct lineages of mucosal NK cells characterized as NKG2A(+)NFIL3(+)RORC(-) and(More)
BACKGROUND Monitoring a child's growth status helps to diagnose diseases and implement curative and preventive measures. The aim of this study was to assess how well preschool children of Russian city (Nizhny Novgorod) match with, or diverge from, international growth charts (WHO2006,2007; USCDC2000). METHODS Cross-sectional study included 3,130 children(More)
The onset of protective immunity against pathogenic SIV challenge in SIVΔnef-vaccinated macaques is delayed for 15-20 weeks, a process that is related to qualitative changes in CD8+ T cell responses induced by SIVΔnef. As a novel approach to characterize cell differentiation following vaccination, we used multi-target qPCR to measure transcription factor(More)
AIMS Latently infected resting CD4 T cells represent a major barrier to HIV-1 eradication efforts. The standard assays used for measuring this reservoir induce activation of resting CD4 T cells with either phytohaemagglutinin (PHA) with irradiated feeder cells, or with anti-CD3 antibodies. We designed a study to compare the sensitivity of a new assay (based(More)
The height-, weightand BMI-for-age of preschool children from Nizhny Novgorod city, Russia, 1 relative to the international growth references 2 3 Ekaterina Nazarova* 4 * Corresponding author 5 Email: evnazarova55@yandex.ru 6 Dunaev St. 8-4 N.Novgorod 603024 Russia 7 8 Yury Kuzmichev 9 Email: dr_kuzmichev@mail.ru 10 11 Privolzhsky Federal Medical Research(More)
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