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Image quality assessment is a complex problem due to subjective nature of human visual perception. One of possible ways to take into consideration user’s subjectivism is to develop interactive system which could learn the properties of user’s visual perception. In this paper we present a novel way to do this via interactive neuroevolution approach. The key(More)
Although image-based phenotypic assays are considered a powerful tool for siRNA library screening, the reproducibility and biological implications of various image-based assays are not well-characterized in a systematic manner. Here, we compared the resolution of high throughput assays of image-based cell count and typical cell viability measures for cancer(More)
Successfully automated sigmoidal curve fitting is highly challenging when applied to large data sets. In this paper, we describe a robust algorithm for fitting sigmoid dose-response curves by estimating four parameters (floor, window, shift, and slope), together with the detection of outliers. We propose two improvements over current methods for curve(More)
  • Yury Tsoy
  • The 2012 International Joint Conference on Neural…
  • 2012
Principal Components Analysis (PCA) is one of the most wide-spread methods for dimensionality reduction, which is being applied in many research and problem domains. So far a lot of approaches to compute data matrix eigenvectors, which correspond to the Principal Components, were proposed, among which numerical methods and Hebbian-based learning for neural(More)
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