Yury G Vainer

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Numerous experiments have shown that the low-temperature dynamics of a wide variety of disordered solids is qualitatively universal. However, most of these results were obtained with ensemble-averaging techniques which hide the local parameters of the dynamic processes. We used single-molecule (SM) spectroscopy for direct observation of the dynamic(More)
The study of a new dye-matrix system-quickly frozen ortho-dichlorobenzene weakly doped with terrylene--via single-molecule (SM) spectroscopy is presented. The spectral and photo-physical properties, dynamics, and temperature broadening of SM spectra at low temperatures are discussed. The data reveal a broad inhomogeneous distribution, which indicates a high(More)
Raman scattering is applied to the study of energy distribution during multiphoton excitation of molecules. The existence of two ensembles-hot and cold molecules-is shown. The fraction of the excited molecules in the upper ensemble is measured for SF(6) and CF(3)I.
We present a technique for the measurement of the low-temperature fluorescence excitation spectra and imaging of a substantial fraction of all single chromophore molecules (hundreds of thousands and even more) embedded in solid bulk samples as nanometre-sized probes. An important feature of our experimental studies is that the full information about the(More)
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