Yury D. Korolev

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This paper describes the results on methane oxidation in the plasma torch of low-current plasmatron at typical air expenditure of 0.1-0.55 g/s and at a flow velocity in a longitudinal direction up to 22 m/s. The discharge in a vortex gas flow burns in a glow regime with the spontaneous transitions from glow to spark. Due to special design of the plasmatron(More)
This paper presents an interpretation of the dense and superdense glow discharge stages in pseudospark switch geometry. The discharge is treated as a self-organizing system that is able to rearrange itself to provide the current requested by external electric circuit. The principal discharge regions in the glow stages are the hollow-cathode plasma, the(More)
This paper describes a usage of a low-current coaxial plasmatron for generation of nitrogen oxide molecules. Glow-type discharge in vortex air flow is sustained at an average current from 0.05 to 0.2 A that corresponds to an average discharge power from 65 to 160 W. The diameter of an exit nozzle of the plasmatron is of 0.5 cm, and the air flow is varied(More)
This paper deals with the experiments on methane oxidation in a torch flame that is sustained in a combustion chamber by a low-current nonsteady-state plasmatron. The regimes of operation for such a system in a wide range of air-methane mixtures are analyzed. With the results of experiments, a torch flame generator with a heat power density per unit area at(More)
This paper deals with the investigations of ceramic-metal sealed-off pseudospark switches with an auxiliary glow discharge in the trigger unit. The switches are produced commercially by the Pulsed Technology Ltd., Ryazan, Russia. Attention is concentrated on the switch TPI1-10k/50 (pulsed current-10 kA and anode voltage-up to 50 kV). The schematic design of(More)
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