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Cloud computing data centers are becoming increasingly popular for the provisioning of computing resources. The cost and operating expenses of data centers have skyrocketed with the increase in computing capacity. Several governmental, industrial, and academic surveys indicate that the energy utilized by computing and communication units within a data(More)
—The demand-led growth of datacenter networks has meant that many constituent technologies are beyond the budget of the research community. In order to make and validate timely and relevant research contributions, the wider research community requires accessible evaluation, experimentation and demonstration environments with specification comparable to the(More)
In this paper we reconsider the energy consumption of traditional DC-balanced physical line coding schemes applied to optical communication. We demonstrate that not only does an implementation of the popular 8B10B coding scheme have higher power consumption than the optical power requirement, but actually has higher power consumption when transmitting idle(More)
—Recently the Birkhoff-von Neumann load-balanced (LB) switch has become a promising switch design due to its high scalability properties and simple control. The performance of the LB switch was studied under strong assumptions such as infinite buffers and admissible traffic conditions. However, both such assumptions may be violated in multi-hop networks(More)
Lately, the number of Internet users and, correspondingly, the amount of traversing traffic is growing extremely fast. In spite of the fact that transmission links – mostly optical fibers – have high capacity , the internet routers still remain a point of traffic bottleneck. The construction of highly scalable switches for high-speed transmission still(More)
In this paper we present a scalable approximate model for packet loss analysis in load-balancing Birkhof-von Neumann switch with finite buffers and variable length packets assumption. We also present a numerical method to solve the model for large switches (up to the size ∼ 30) equipped with large buffers (up to the buffer size ∼ 1000). With regards to(More)
Today the energy consumption of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry is a significant contributor to the total energy demand in many developed countries. Recent studies show that the ICT industry is responsible for about 2% of the global emission of CO 2 and this percentage is predicted to increase as the Internet expands in bandwidth and(More)
—Network equipment power-consumption is under increased scrutiny. To understand and decompose transceiver power-consumption, we create a toolkit incorporating a library of transceiver circuits in 45 nm CMOS and MCML (MOS Current Mode Logic) and characterise power consumption using representative network-traffic traces with digital synthesis and spice tools.(More)
High packet switching performance and the potential scalability to a large number of input/output ports, under the admissible traffic assumption, have made Birkhoff-von Neumann load-balanced switch one of the most attractive and promising switch architecture. The focus of this study is on the construction of large number of input/output ports load-balanced(More)