Yury A. Zagorulko

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Both the domain and sublanguage specific approach to text analysis and information extraction is proposed. Texts under consideration are weather forecast telegrams written in Russian. Telegrams are an example of deviant text type, with lack of text segmentation means, a lot of abbreviations, syntactic and spelling mistakes. The presented work pursues the(More)
The paper presents an approach to development of the system that supports decision-making for tasks aimed to reduce power consumption of oil-and-gas production enterprise and to enhance the environmental safety of oil and natural gas production. The architecture and operating principles of such a system, as well as the classes of tasks to be solved, are(More)
The paper presents a concept and architecture of specialized Internet portal providing semantic access to knowledge and information resources (electronic collections) for any given kind of culture. The information basis of such a portal is an ontology that supports integration of information resources relevant to the subject domain of a portal into a(More)