Yury A. Brychkov

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This paper is devoted to the derivation of novel analytic expressions and bounds for a family of special functions that are useful in wireless communication theory. These functions are the well-known Nuttall Q-function, incomplete Toronto function, Rice Ie-function, and incomplete Lipschitz-Hankel integrals. Capitalizing on the offered results, useful(More)
This work presents analytic solutions for a useful integral in wireless communications, which involves the Marcum Q-function in combination with an exponential function and arbitrary power terms. The derived expressions have a rather simple algebraic representation which renders them convenient both analytically and computationally. Furthermore, they can be(More)
Amethod is proposed for evaluation of some definite integrals and infinite sums containing products of Bessel, Struve and other special functions. 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. 1. Definite integrals Borwein and Borwein [1] derived the formula Z 1 0 sinðcxÞ x Yn j1⁄41 sinðcjxÞ x ! Ym k1⁄41 cosðdkxÞ ! dx 1⁄4 p 2 Yn j1⁄41 cj; ð1Þ where n, c, cj, dk >(More)
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