Yurong Zheng

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Nanotechnology is a highly promising field, with nanoparticles produced and utilized in a wide range of commercial products. Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) has been widely used in clothing, electronics, bio-sensing, the food industry, paints, sunscreens, cosmetics and medical devices, all of which increase human exposure and thus the potential risk related to(More)
BACKGROUND To determine how the mechanical property and micro structure affect tissue regeneration and angiogenesis, three types of scaffolds were studied. Acellular dermal matrices (ADM), produced from human skin by removing the epidermis and cells, has been widely used in wound healing because of its high mechanical strength. Collagen scaffolds (CS)(More)
BACKGROUND The emergence of skin substitutes provides a new approach for the treatment of wound repair and healing. The consistent and steady release of angiogenic factors is an important factor in the promotion of angiogenesis in skin substitutes, which usually lack, yet need, a vascular network. METHODS In this study, ginsenoside Rg1, a natural compound(More)
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