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This paper considers the problem of constructing a reliable tracking controller such that the output of resulting of closed-loop systems asymptotically tracking reference output. The uncertain linear time-delay system under consideration contains a more practical and general faults model of actuator. The main results are a sufficient condition for the(More)
This paper proposes a novel approach for AC servo system control of electrical injection molding machine. Based on the permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) vector control, position servo system is achieved using repetitive control (RC), and then the controller is designed in order to tracking the periodic reference. Not only the principle and(More)
On the basis of artificial neural network theory, this paper has put forward a new kind of speed observer. The observer is good in robustness of motor parameter changes, high in the observation precision. The speed identification convergence is fast, especially keeping higher precision in low speed. At the same time, the paper puts forward a new method of(More)
The direct and convenient approaches for modeling in computer-aided design are studied. An algorithm of local deformation and quick algorithm of virtual sculpture for triangulate mesh are proposed. With our software system and Phantom, modeling with force feedback in virtual reality environment is realized. A convenient approach for stylists to design(More)
Process knowledge discovery is a significant research field in enterprise management. Based on process knowledge complexity and specialty, a process knowledge discovery model is presented in this paper according to multi-agent technology for full life-orientation of the product which is a solid foundation for an enterprise seeking optimal process(More)
The new approach of the constant-tension control of rolling machine is presented in this paper. On the premise of the close-loop control of the induction motor torque, the torque of the induction motor can adjust along with the change of the rolling machine diameter automatically, so the constant-tension control is realized. The rotor speed signal adopted(More)