Yuriy Reznikov

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We report a clear demonstration of drag on colloidal particles by a moving nematic-isotropic interface. The balance of forces explains our observation of periodic, striplike structures that are produced by the movement of these particles.
We show that adsorption of dye molecules control the light-induced alignment of dye-doped nematic liquid crystal (LC) on a nonphotosensitive polymer surface. The dependencies of light-induced twist structures on exposure, thermal baking, thickness, and aging before irradiation of the LC cells allowed us to propose the following mechanism for the alignment.(More)
BACKGROUND Immunological test systems for diagnostics of type I hypersensitivity involve the following types of antigens: whole allergen extracts, individual highly purified proteins and their recombinant analogues. The goal of this study was to compare the results obtained with whole allergen extracts (birch pollen, cat dander, and timothy grass pollen)(More)
We found the effect of a hidden photoalignment of a dye-doped nematic liquid crystal (LC) on a nonphotosensitive polymer surface after polarized irradiation of the cell in the isotropic phase. We observed that irradiation resulted in a uniform planar orientation of the LC after cooling to the mesophase. The direction of a light-induced easy axis on the(More)
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