Yuriy Ostapov

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Algorithms of question answering in a computer system oriented on input and logical processing of text information are presented. A knowledge domain under consideration is social behavior of a person. A database of the system includes an internal representation of natural language sentences and supplemental information. The answer Yes or No is formed for a(More)
A new technology (in addition to ERP) is proposed to provide an increase of profit and normal cash flow. This technology involves the next functions: forming of intellectual interface on a natural language to communicate with a control system; joint planning of production and sales to get the maximal profit; an adaptation of control system to internal and(More)
Modern progress in artificial intelligence permits to realize algorithms of adaptation for critical events (in addition to ERP). A production emergence, an appearance of new competitive goods, a major change in financial state of partners, a radical change in exchange rate, a change in custom and tax legislation, a political and energy crisis, an(More)
Algorithms of inference in a computer system oriented to input and semantic processing of text information are presented. Such inference is necessary for logical questions when the direct comparison of objects from a question and database can not give a result. The following classes of problems are considered: a check of hypotheses for persons and(More)
An object–oriented approach to create a natural language understanding system is considered. The understanding program is a formal system built on the base of predicative calculus. Horn’s clauses are used as well–formed formulas. An inference is based on the principle of resolution. Sentences of natural language are represented in the view of typical(More)
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