Yuriy O Ushenko

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The topology of a partially developed speckle field was studied by use of interference techniques through computer simulation. Amplitude and phase structures in the vicinity of caustics for a coherent radiation field scattered at a surface with large inhomogeneities were investigated. It was confirmed that the caustics are indispensible components of the(More)
The model of generalized optical anisotropy of human bile is suggested, and the method of the polarimetric phase Fourier transform of the image of the laser radiation field that is generated by the mechanisms of linear and circular birefringence of polycrystalline networks with a wavelet-diagnosis of cholelithiasis is analytically substantiated.
We investigate the processes of laser radiation transformation by biological crystal networks using the singular optics techniques. The obtained results show a distinct correlation between the points of "characteristic" values of coordinate distributions of Mueller matrix (M(ik) = 0, ± 1) elements and polarization singularities (L- and C-points) in laser(More)
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