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A radical mechanism of hydrocarbon oxidations with the environmentally friendly and cheap homogeneous nontransition metal system [Al(H(2)O)(6)](3+)/H(2)O(2)/MeCN-H(2)O was proposed for the first time(More)
Two principally different in their molecular architecture isomeric tetranuclear copper(ii) silsesquioxanes, "Globule"-like compound [(PhSiO1.5)12(CuO)4(NaO0.5)4] (1) and "Sandwich"-like derivative(More)
The vanadate anion in the presence of pyrazine-2-carboxylic acid (PCA [identical with] pcaH) efficiently catalyzes the oxidation of 2-propanol by hydrogen peroxide to give acetone. UV-vis(More)