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One of the primary tasks of videoframes processing of digital videostreams is to quantify the geometric structure of moving objects, in order to extract information from videostreams frames. In this paper we purpose a recursive algorithms that are based on morphological conditional dilation and conditional erosion operations. Practical implementation of(More)
A method of tracking objects in multi CCTV, based on the use of the characteristic features of color, proximity and path is studied. The method's essence lies in resolving of the extreme problem concerning the generalized criteria, built on metrics in the field of each feature. The crucial advantage of the proposed method is ensuring of a sufficient level(More)
This thesis is devoted to development of visitor's queue density analysis and registration method for a retail videosurveillance systems. Developed method of foreground segmentation is based on initial background modeling, selective temporal median filter and local binary patterns. Based on the literature review, a problem statement has been examined and(More)
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