Yuriy D Ivanov

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The interaction between two monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and their corresponding bispecific antibody (bAb) with immobilized antigens has been examined using a resonant mirror biosensor (IAsys). BAbs were produced by cell fusion. The analysed panel of affinity-purified antibodies included two parental mAbs, one specific to human IgG (hIgG), and another(More)
Video microscopy is a widely applied diagnostic to investigate the structure and the dynamics of particles in dusty plasmas. Reliable algorithms are required to accurately recover particle positions from the camera images. Here, four different particle positioning techniques have been tested on artificial and experimental data of dusty plasma situations.(More)
The heating and melting of two-dimensional dust clusters with one additional particle in the lower layer has been investigated experimentally in a gas discharge. The full dynamical properties of the system during the entire phase transition were determined in terms of the spectral power densities of the crystal modes. A two-step melting transition is(More)
A prototype auroral hyperspectral all-sky camera has been constructed and tested. It uses electro-optical tunable filters to image the night sky as a function of wavelength throughout the visible spectrum with no moving mechanical parts. The core optical system includes a new high power all-sky lens with F-number equal to f/1.1. The camera has been tested(More)
Three-dimensional finite systems of charged dust particles confined to concentric spherical shells in a dusty plasma, so-called "Yukawa balls," have been studied experimentally with respect to their dynamic properties. For that purpose, the three-dimensional thermal Brownian motion of the dust particles around their equilibrium positions was reconstructed(More)
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