Yuriy A. Akimov

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Gold, silver, platinum and palladium typically crystallize with the face-centred cubic structure. Here we report the high-yield solution synthesis of gold nanoribbons in the 4H hexagonal polytype, a previously unreported metastable phase of gold. These gold nanoribbons undergo a phase transition from the original 4H hexagonal to face-centred cubic structure(More)
In this work, we investigate the one-photon photoluminescence from a system consisting of an Ag nanowire on an Au film with a ~6 nm dielectric spacer that supports a localized resonance known as the gap plasmon mode. Although the Ag nanowire and Au film exhibit weak photoluminescence on their own, the combined system produces an enhanced PL emission. Our(More)
We numerically report the submicrometer radius (0.5 μm) and high confinement (mode area ~λ(2)/1200) plasmonic ring resonators for both all-pass and add-drop filters based on the hybrid metal-oxide-semiconductor (Ag-SiO(2)-Si) waveguide platform. The best tradeoff between the propagation length and the confinement of this hybrid plasmonic waveguide platform(More)
A compact and highly efficient tunable and localized source of propagating surface plasmon-polaritons is proposed based on a protruded metal-insulator-metal (pMIM) structure. The protrusion along a segment of the pMIM forms a nanometer gap and allows a low voltage bias to generate a localized tunneling current. The tunneling current excited plasmons can be(More)
High performance of a ring resonator and add-drop multiplexer with extremely small ring radius (1 or 2 &#x03BC;m) and a sub-wavelength confinement area of &#x03BB;<sup>2</sup>/1200 is reported. It has been achieved using the silicon-based hybrid dielectric-loaded plasmonic waveguide approach.
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