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Novel antimicrobial activity of a dichloromethane extract obtained from red seaweed Ceramium rubrum (Hudson) (Rhodophyta: Florideophyceae) against Yersinia ruckeri and Saprolegnia parasitica, agents
article i nfo Background: Enteric red mouth disease and Saprolegniasis, which are caused by the bacteria Yersinia ruckeri and the oomycete Saprolegnia parasitica, respectively, are importantExpand
Metazoan Parasite Infracommunities of the Toadfish Aphos porosus (Pisces: Batrachoidiformes) in Central Chile: How Variable Are They over Time?
Abstract The present study examines variation in parasite community characteristics of the toadfish Aphos porosus across sampling years. We analyzed and compared the species composition and numericExpand