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We consider a class of insertion–deletion systems which have not been investigated so far, those without any context controlling the insertion–deletion operations. Rather unexpectedly, we found that context-free insertion–deletion systems characterize the recursively enumerable languages. Moreover , this assertion is valid for systems with only one axiom,(More)
A hybrid network of evolutionary processors (an HNEP) is a graph where each node is associated with an evolutionary processor (a special rewriting system), a set of words, an input filter and an output filter. Every evolutionary processor is givenwith a finite set of one type of point mutations (an insertion, a deletion or a substitution of a symbol) which(More)
The aim of this article is the formalization of inflection process for the Romanian language using the model of P systems with cooperative string replication rules, which will make it possible to automatically build the morphological lexicons as a base for different linguistic applications.