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Acknowledgements My supervisor Damien Woods deserves a special thank you. His help and guidance went far beyond the role of supervisor. He was always enthusiastic, and generous with his time. This work would not have happened without him. I would also like to thank my supervisor Paul Gibson for his advice and support. Thanks to the staff and postgraduates(More)
The aim of this article is the formalization of inflection process for the Romanian language using the model of P systems with cooperative string replication rules, which will make it possible to automatically build the morphological lexicons as a base for different linguistic applications.
Structural operational semantics of P systems p. 31 Some recent results concerning deterministic P systems p. 49 Membrane algorithms p. 55 On evolutionary lineages of membrane systems p. 67 Number of protons/bi-stable catalysts and membranes in P systems. Time-freeness p. 79 Symbol/membrane complexity of P systems with symport/antiport rules p. 96 On P(More)
We consider a class of insertion–deletion systems which have not been investigated so far, those without any context controlling the insertion–deletion operations. Rather unexpectedly, we found that context-free insertion–deletion systems characterize the recursively enumerable languages. Moreover , this assertion is valid for systems with only one axiom,(More)