Yurie Hara

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This paper provides a system capable of analyzing the combinatorics of a wide range of conventionally implicated and expressive constructions in natural language via an extension of Potts's (2005) L CI logic for supplementary conventional implicatures. In particular, the system is capable of analyzing objects of mixed conventionally implicated/expressive(More)
This paper examines the linguistic realization of conventional impli-catures, taking the semantics and pragmatics of the Japanese adverbials sekkaku and yokumo as a test case. It is shown that their meanings involve an interesting and hitherto unstudied mix of asserted and conventionally implicated content. An extension of Potts's (2005) L CI logic for(More)
This paper will explain the asymmetry parallelism between node 'because' and toki 'when' in terms of the availability of Evidential Phrase in syntax, following the analysis by Chinque [1], Speas [2] and Tenny [3]. This (in)compatibility of Evidential Phrases with Adjunct Clauses is further motivated by the syntax-semantics difference of Adjunct Clauses(More)