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This paper provides a system capable of analyzing the combinatorics of a wide range of conventionally implicated and expressive constructions in natural language via an extension of Potts’s (2005) LCI logic for supplementary conventional implicatures. In particular, the system is capable of analyzing objects of mixed conventionally implicated/expressive and(More)
Following the structure meaning approach (c.f. [3,4]), I argued in [5] that the prosodic peak of Contrastive-marking creates a partition of the asserted proposition into B (background) and F (Focus). The morphological wa-marking then introduces the Con operator that takes the structured meaning as its argument and yields a conventional implicature. The(More)
This paper examines the linguistic realization of conventional implicatures, taking the semantics and pragmatics of the Japanese adverbials sekkaku and yokumo as a test case. It is shown that their meanings involve an interesting and hitherto unstudied mix of asserted and conventionally implicated content. An extension of Potts’s (2005) LCI logic for(More)
Mandarin A-not-A questions, hereafter referred to as ANAQs, have distinct syntactic and prosodic features. As shown in (1), ANAQs make both positive and negative answers explicit by conjoining the verb and its negative counterpart. Furthermore, ANAQs obligatorily end with a final low tone (see Section 2.2.2). These features distinguish ANAQs from ma(More)
This paper examines the semantics of sentence-final stress in Mandarin Chinese and gives a uniform account of the distribution and interpretation of emphatic stress. A phonetic production study shows that the use of sentence-final stress by Mandarin speakers is sensitive to the evidentiality of the context. A semantic rating study shows that listeners judge(More)
This paper will explain the asymmetry parallelism between node ‘because’ and toki ‘when’ in terms of the availability of Evidential Phrase in syntax, following the analysis by Chinque [1], Speas [2] and Tenny [3]. This (in)compatibility of Evidential Phrases with Adjunct Clauses is further motivated by the syntax-semantics difference of Adjunct Clauses(More)
Citric acid is recognized and utilized as a dietary supplement for its ability to eliminate fatigue. However, the molecular and cellular mechanism underlying this effect has not been elucidated. This study investigated the effect of intragastric citric acid administration on the energy metabolism and gene expression in the skeletal muscles of mice that had(More)