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Autumn migration routes of red-crowned cranes, Grus japonensis, from two continental east Asian sites were documented in detail by satellite tracking. Two routes were identified: a 2200 km western route from Russia’s Khingansky Nature Reserve to coastal Jiangsu Province, China; and a 900 km eastern route from Lake Khanka (Russia) to the Korean Peninsula and(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine if a relationship exists between 'sekentei' and utilization of health, social and nursing services. 'Sekentei' is the level of a person's self-consciousness of others observing one's behavior and endeavoring to meet the perceived norms of behavior. A questionnaire assessing 'sekentei' was developed and utilized in(More)
PURPOSE To develop an improved measure of "sekentei" (a social-psychological process that restricts behaviors that do not conform to social norms such as family caregiving) among family caregivers in Japan, and to describe the relationships among sekentei and caregiver's actual use of services, a reluctance to use services, and care burden. DESIGN(More)
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