Yuri Wanderley Cavalcanti

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BACKGROUND It is well known that the use of denture cleansers can reduce Candida albicans biofilm accumulation; however, the efficacy of citric acid denture cleansers is uncertain. In addition, the(More)
STATEMENT OF PROBLEM Candida biofilms on denture surfaces are substantially reduced after a single immersion in denture cleanser. However, whether this effect is maintained when dentures are immersed(More)
INTRODUCTION The discovery of new antimicrobials derived from plants could aid in the management of biofilm-associated infections, including denture-induced stomatitis (DS). DS is an oral infection(More)
UNLABELLED Some surface treatments performed on titanium can alter the composition of salivary pellicle formed on this abiotic surface. Such treatments modify the titanium's surface properties and(More)
Since there is no consensus about whether starch increases the cariogenic potential of sucrose, we used a validated 3-species biofilm model to evaluate if starch combined with sucrose provokes higher(More)