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Assessment of 137Cs decontamination of concrete by the reagent method
The particulars of radioactive contamination of concrete wastes by 137Cs were studied. x-Ray phase analysis and chemical analysis show that clayey materials, including Al2O3, Fe2O3, K2O, and MgO, on
Development and trials of an improved process for decontamination of liquid radioactive wastes from Radon Moscow Research and Production Association
Speciation of radionuclides in low-salinity liquid radioactive wastes (LRW) formed in the course of reprocessing and storage of radioactive wastes at the Radon Moscow Research and Production
Mobile modular installation ''Aqua-Express'' is a liquid low level and intermediate level radioactive waste (LLI (2) installation ''Aqua-Express'' consists of a cascade of three autonomous aqueous
Thermal Processing of Liquid Organic Radioactive Wastes Based on Tributyl Phosphate with the Production of Sodium Aluminum Phosphate Glass
The reprocessing of liquid organic radwastes containing tributyl phosphate in a hydrocarbon solvent is conducted under laboratory conditions. The parameters of individual stages of the process are
Cleaning of the Moscow SIA ``Radon`` surface water runoff: Problems and solutions
This paper describes a three-barrier system of engineered safety features for the cleaning of the Moscow SIA ``Radon`` surface water runoff. The three-barrier system is under development, but several
Selective extraction of Cs and Co from liquid radioactive waste
Sorption on inorganic sorbents is often used for the selective extraction of {sup 137}Cs and {sup 60}Co from aqueous solutions. Most inorganic sorbents cannot be regenerated using existing
The estimation possibility of cleaning from radionuclides for the coast parts of drainage system by the soil fractionating method
In this paper is considered the possibility of the cleaning from the radionuclides for the coast parts of the drainage system at the Moscow SIA {open_quotes}Radon{close_quotes} by the soil
Industrial Technology of Decontamination of Liquid Radioactive Waste in SUE MosSIA "Radon" - 12371
SUE MosSIA “RADON” – this enterprise was created more than 50 years ago, which deals with the recycling of radioactive waste and conditioning of spent sources of radiation in stationary and mobile