Yuri Tsukuda

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Metabolomics is a new approach that is based on the systematic study of the full complement of metabolites in a biological sample. Metabolomics has the potential to fundamentally change clinical chemistry and, by extension, the fields of nutrition, toxicology, and medicine. However, it can be difficult to separate highly polar compounds. Mass spectrometry(More)
One of the gamones (gamone II) which are effective for the induction of conjugation in Blepharisma intermedium has been isolated in a crystalline form and designated as blepharismin. From the result of chemical and spectroscopic investigations, in which x-ray crystallographic analysis was used as a definitive tool, blepharismin has been found to have the(More)
Food additives, such as preservatives, sweeteners, coloring agents, and flavoring agents, are widely used in food manufacturing. However, their combined effects on the human body are not known. The purpose of this study was to examine whether combinations of antioxidants and metal ions generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) under in vitro conditions using(More)
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