Yuri Suhov

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A system of interacting qubits can be viewed as a non-i.i.d quantum information source. A possible model of such a source is provided by a quantum spin system, in which spin-1/2 particles located at sites of a lattice interact with each other. We establish the limit for the compression of information from such a source and show that asymptotically it is(More)
In this paper we evaluate the entanglement assisted classical capacity of a class of quantum channels with long-term memory, which are convex combinations of memoryless channels. The memory of such channels can be considered to be given by a Markov chain which is aperiodic but not irreducible. This class of channels was introduced in [7], where its product(More)
We propose a model of a loss averse investor who aims to maximize his expected wealth under certain constraints. The constraints are that he avoids, with high probability, incurring a (suitably defined) unacceptable loss. The methodology employed comes from the theory of large deviations. We explore a number of fundamental properties of the model and(More)
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